Just Mix & Bake – Fool-proof & Flop-proof – it really is that easy!
Our products are the finest all-natural, healthy, baked goods in existence.  Not a claim to make lightly and we don’t. They can be successfully baked by anyone. No experience, skills or special equipment required.

In the world of better baking, the health-conscious consumer has until now been trapped between having to settle for a second-rate eating experience or a second-rate health experience. It’s either been good for your health or good for your taste buds, but not both.

Food by Nature, after years of painstaking research and development, brings you a growing range of products which will leave your taste buds tingling and your body rejoicing at enjoying truly tasty, all-natural & nutritious baked goods that are also ridiculously easy to make and bake – and affordable!

Gluten free and other alternative lifestyle baking products such as Banting, Keto, LowCarb & Paleo are nothing new. Most are however at best poor substitutes for the real thing and bear very little resemblance to the original wheat based product they’re attempting to replace. These products usually also suffer from a host of issues, from inferior texture & taste to poor nutritional values with excessively high carbohydrate contents. They may save your body from the ravages of gluten, only to turn you into an obese, malnourished diabetic. Healthy they are not.

Those alternative products which do not have these taste, texture and other issues typically use all kinds of weird man-made ingredients and additives to produce a product which somewhat resembles wheat based bread.  Nutritionally they typically are no better than the rest. Not good for you either.

Our truly tasty, all-natural & nutritious products are gluten free and suitable for Banting, Keto, LowCarb & Paleo and most other healthier lifestyles, contain only natural ingredients and are free from nasties such as:

Xantham, Guar or any other gums
Chemical additives