BlitzBake Mega Mug Muffin Dark Choc PreMix

BlitzBake Mega Mug Muffin Dark Choc PreMix – truly tasty microwave marvels.


BlitzBake – truly tasty microwave marvels. They are not in any way poor compromises as so many products of the type, but are filled with taste & texture. Can be enjoyed hot or cold and will really taste just as good tomorrow as it does when just made. Gluten Free and suitable for LowCarb, Banting and Keto lifestyles.
No Fuss & No Flop, easy to make and bake in just 60 to 90 seconds.
The range presently consists of Bread Roll, Delectable Dessert and Mega Muffin PreMix with more to follow:

100% Natural Ingredients Only – No additives of any kind
No Preservatives
No Sugar
Contains 3 individually packed muffin mixes

Microwaves in 90 seconds
Whisk 1 large egg in a mug till foamy.
Add 3 TABLESPOONS of oil to egg while whisking. We prefer macadamia or coconut oil but you can use the oil of your choice.
Add contents of sachet & mix very well.
Microwave in the mug for 90 seconds
Can be eaten out of the mug or Invert cup or bowl and shake lightly to remove the muffin.
Does not have to be eaten warm. Tastes just as good cold. Can be reheated in 20sec
Enjoy as is or drizzle with coconut cream, butter and or any nut butter or topping of choice.